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May 21st, 2012


:UGH: 01:43 pm
I have done something bad to my left wrist. It doesn't *feel* broken, but.....last night I went out to feed the kids. I went to pick up Chell, and somehow managed to bash my wrist into the door post of the kid pen. :ouch: It immediately went all numb (NOT a good sign, in my experience); today it's slightly swollen, still numb, and aches. :sigh: I have an appointment Thursday with the local Ortho (he's seen me before, and is part of the practice that did all my surgeries, so he's familiar with my wrist. :sigh:)

Work went quickly today. Was done with ALL the input by 10:30; got the checks keyed and printed and the invoices sent out by 11:50. :happy dance: All this with a bum wrist - things are looking up! (sorta!)

Gotta go rest the wrist - "see" ya on the flip side!

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