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May 23rd, 2012


Today was shopping day.... 03:59 pm
and we've been out ALL day. Left at 8:30...got home for a wee bit at 10:30, left again at 11:30 (with Mom in tow) and didn't get back until 2:30.

My monthly grocery shopping is done, and both kids have new items of clothing. I cleared out the meat market :lol:, so we're good to go there, too.

Wrist....still numb. Makes me nauseous when I move it too much - which isn't a good sign.

Talked to the Constable today - I love that guy! He's very nice, and didn't like the story we told him. :heh: He said that he works for *me*, and he's going to do his best job. :nods: and :lol: More on this later...it's going to get very interesting and tense for a bit, I think.

Gotta go start dinner - spaghetti tonight. The hamburger had JUST been ground at the meat market - can't get much fresher than that! :mmmmmmm:

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