May 28th, 2012

me: portrait

On the road again...

Spent most of today in the truck, driving around. Today we went to the large metropolis of Greenville, TX, home of Atwood's - my favorite Farm and Ranch store. :lol: SG wanted overalls - they had them. And goat milk replacer (if the kids do well on it (mixed 50/50 with REAL milk), we'll go back for a bigger bag - it works out cheaper than store-bought milk.). And tubing for the machine. And and and...:lol:

They had ALL their nursery stuff 50% off; we came home with 2 Yellow Delicious Apple trees. :mmmmm:

On the way home, we stopped at a small nursery...and I have a champagne grape vine. WITH fruit! And Nolo Bait - it kills grasshoppers. :huzzah!:

Then we took a detour.....went down by one of the lakes near us, and drove around. Fun, but tiring!

Home now....SG is going to plant the stuff, and I am resting.

Tomorrow is Herself's doc. appointment - we decided unilaterally that school was off this week. I have some plans.....:lol:

Oh - we killed another (#5) snake last night. This one (Anna, skip this!) was

........skipped to spare Anna....................

IN THE HOUSE. :shudder: Non-venemous; all of these have been bull-snakes - but I DON'T CARE. We bought a ton of garlic bulbs a few minutes ago, and I am going to seed them around the house. I do NOT like snakes in the house!!!! :shudder:

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