May 29th, 2012

me: portrait

I am SO Ready for this week to be over!

Because we were out all morning, again! Today was Herself's doc appt - they prescribed Abilify for her mood swings...not sure how I feel about that; it's been used in ASD kids for a while now, and it's at a very LOW (2 mg) dose...but..... - then stopped at the Arboretum again. Mom was with us - fun day, but HOT. After lunch we stopped at JoAnn's for Herself, and Half-Price for me - I scored a nice copy of Story of the World for $8. Yes, we're past Ancients, but I figure it'll be a nice reminder for them to free-read. They had an Abeka book on the Kings of Israel...but I left it there. We have TorahClass...which is more in-depth then Abeka ever thought about being. (And more True, as well!)

Goat kids seem fine on the replacer - no scours yet. :fingers crossed:

Kids go to Granny's on Friday - 2 weeks of "freedom"! I'll be doing Lesson Plans, so it's a working vacation for me. :grin: I have the schedule made out already; I just need to actually fill it in. I enjoy doing that, so...:lol:

Not much else going on....too hot.

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