May 30th, 2012

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It's raining!!!!!!

Thunder-boomers are ALL around us; we've had some rain, with more on the way. :dances: We NEED it!

This is gonna be a bit random:

1. Bucks got out last night. The kids and I had "fixed" most of the fence between them and the mare pasture...last night I finished it. :sigh: Stupid bucks have BROKEN the "H" support at the corner of the pen...not sure how they managed it, since the horses haven't been able to budge it, but...they did. I slapped up some more cattle panels (held ties. Yup. Plastic zip ties. So far, they've worked (I have....multi-colored fences right now. You can tell where the "problem" areas are by the amount of neon-zip ties.) and - so far! - they're still contained. Fence-work is at the top of the chore list.

2. Milking machine. We've been using it (not this AM, though, because of rain. It's on an extension cord; we lose power when it rains. No biggie...); last year we left it at the barn to dry off. This year, SG decided to haul it to the house. Not a problem...except we weren't hanging the inflations, so the cleaning solution was sitting in the hoses all day. I had to toss 1.5 gallons of "soapy" milk this AM. We've got a solution - I pulled out my drying rack, and the hoses are draped over it.

3. School. I have an overview made out. I know WHAT I am teaching, and I know WHEN. I just need to sit down and plan the day-by-day week. The Geography book I have has online stuff, so I need to make sure to include that in our daily schedule. I also need to include the maps and paper models with History, and Science experiments.

4. Learning assessment: I have both kids' assessments. BOTH of them do better by READING the material themselves. Herself needs to "fiddle" with stuff (I had already figured *that* out); Himself needs hands-on stuff to make the material stick. Listening is 3rd on their we're going to try individual reading this year. (Funnily enough, Himself put Math as his "hardest" subject. I questioned that....he said "Well. Math takes me a bit to understand, but once I know what they want, it's EASY." :snerk: I kinda don't think that's what the assessment meant by "hardest subject". :lol:

5. Field trip! We're going out again today. Terrell has a museum dedicated to the British flying squadron that trained here in WWII. I had NO idea - and it's FREE! Should be cool -there were like 6 training fields that trained British airmen...ours was the largest. :boasts:

Gotta run and milk while it's not raining. More later!

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