June 1st, 2012

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School's OUT!

For the next 2 weeks, anyway. I dropped the kids off at Granny's this AM - they are in Heaven. NO school, NO chores, NO bottle-feedings...just 2 weeks of lounging around. :lol: Granny has plans, of course...but there's going to be a lot of Nothing going on.

I'm still slowly plugging away at the studio and dining rooms. Yesterday I moved the fabric stash. Yesterday morning I had the brilliant idea that I needed to build a "cubby" bookshelf - you know the ones; they look like 1' x 1' cubes, usually 3 long and 2 high, that you can use as-is, or put baskets/fabric boxes in. I balanced my checkbook....oi. After paying for the A/C work, I'll have $20 to last the month...NOT enough to get the wood to build my cubby. I scrounged around - not enough scrap to build what I had in mind (2x3. This is important! :wink:) So.

I went into the dining room to see what I could move, and I noticed the old shelves that were holding my magazines and weaving/spinning books. Hmmmm. 2 rectangular boxes.....outside, they are identical - but 1 is "split" down the middle long-ways. Hmmmm. I measured - they are EXACTLY the measurements my cubby would have been. Let's see......

LONG story short, they fit under the Science table, AND the fabric fits. Pictures later, but it's neat-ish (I...have a lot of quilting fabric Granny gave me. Most of it, I wouldn't have bought, but it was free and I can use it. Hard to get scraps folded neatly...), out of the way, and I can SEE what I have. (The "big" shelf has all the clothing-lengths; the "split" one has the fat quarters and scraps.) Yes, it'll be a pain to get on the floor to get to it, but there's simply NO OTHER place it can go. Yes, I have a HUGE room.....but I have a lot of stuff to go in said room. There's space, yes - but I want to be able to, you know, WALK in there without bumping into stuff. And that's the rub - if I'd just put stuff in, it'd be crowded, but IN...I'm trying to keep it accessible AND the space usable, and it's hard. Darn loom is just SO BIG.......but I loves it and am keeping it, so I have to work around it. /rant.

I think I have enough scrap wood to build a cubby to go beside the desk in here - I am re-vamping how we keep our schoolwork, because the notebook idea simply does NOT work here. Himself will punch holes and file stuff up, IF I stay on top of him; Herself...not so much. Stuff just gets crammed in there. So...I want to get some plastic file boxes and file folders, and let them simply FILE the work up each day. I want to build a 2x2 cubby; the inkjet printer can go on top, the file boxes can go in the bottom 2 cubes, and notebook paper/printer paper, and our supply boxes can go in the top 2. It'll look nicer than the cheap wire stand we're using now, AND the papers will *hopefully* be contained. (That's tomorrow's project...IF I can get SG to cut the wood for me. We'll see....he tends to think HE can do stuff better (he's probably right), but DANG, he takes forFREAKINGever to get stuff done. HIS project is the door to my pantry - he's already told me it'll take ALL weekend to do it. IT'S A FREAKING DOOR. 2 hours, and I'd be done. He said no way....:sigh: Perfectionism is fine, but NOT when something HAS to be done, kwim? I'm pretty sure we have enough scrap wood for a 2x2 cubby.)

Need to do a bit of work-work, then it's back to the dining room to see what I can move today. Not much is left, except books - but those have to stay until I get a bookshelf. Which....SG wants to build. Lord help - it's going to be a while. :lol:

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