June 5th, 2012

me: portrait

Tuesday blather.....

Been working since 7:30. I'm only paid to work 3 hours/day...so. Guess I'm done?

Disbudded Chell yesterday. Somehow, we managed to do something to her - she bled like a stuck pig. It looked like a murder scene - blood ALL over her head, down her ears, all over *me*...it was bad. She's fine, though - and no more horn buds. (This is a GOOD thing. Horns are dangerous; they can get stuck in a fence and get mauled by dogs/rammed by other goats; they can also damage udders and handlers.)

Something weird is going on - Sunday, we cut the wood for my new printer stand/shelf. Measured the bottom, cut it, then used it to measure the 3 other shelves. ALL 3 came out different sizes! We even remeasured after drawing on them.....then we cut 1 side. Measured it *4* times, double-checked it by sitting the bottom on it...and it's 1/2" too narrow. :scratches head: Neither of us can explain it...so the pieces are in time-out while we try to regroup.

SG talked to Mike yesterday - but only because SG called *him* first. Sunday evening I got a bad feeling about the address, so I googled it. It's NOT in Mike's name...but I found a phone number associated with the name on the tax rolls. SG called it yesterday - Mike was there, and it sounded like he was living there, not "working" there (by the way he spoke to the woman who answered the phone - you DON'T talk like that to a client!) SG is supposed to call the county today to see if we need a firm number, or if we can amend the filing - we still need a quote on fixing the door.

The studio is the same temp as the rest of the house now - it's nice. And livable!

Not much else going on......

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