June 10th, 2012

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Houston, we have

achieved a Pool! It's......wow.

Our original pool was 24' round, 48" tall. This one is oval; 15' x 30' x 52"....MUCH taller. I know it's only 4"...but the side walls are significantly higher than on the old pool. It takes up less space - I mean, it's longer, sure, but it's not as wide; THAT was the selling point. Our old pool had been hit numerous times by delivery people..this one won't be.

We're going with the standard chlorine set up. We looked at Bromine, but further research indicated that it wasn't ideal for an outdoor pool in full sun. (Which the guy at Leslie's didn't mention - he just saw $$$$; Bromine is a LOT more expensive than Chlorine.) If we keep the levels correct, we shouldn't have eye problems, or excessive bleach-scents.

I'm glad that Mike didn't do the install - the guys we got ONLY do above ground pools. THEY had a slight problem - oval pools have "straps" that go from side-wall to side-wall. The ones sent with my pool were for an 18'.....NOT a 15'. No big deal; these guys just grabbed a drill bit and drilled new holes for the bolts. I kinda think Mike and Co would have been baffled.......and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have installed the liner wrinkle-free, nor would they have known to use a vacuum to "pull" the liner tight against the sidewall panels.

We need to build a deck....SG has plans. Be afraid......be very afraid. :lol:

Anna, check your email please!

Ali - you have a 2-goat machine, right? You do know that you can convert it to a 3 or 4 goat milker? It's not cheap, but it's not overly-expensive; you need to get some clusters (from Parts Dept). I know that the pump supplied with my machine would do 3 goats easily; I'm pretty sure 4 wouldn't be a problem. (Trying to save you some time, m'dear!)

Wrist is achy, so more later!

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