June 11th, 2012

Calvin: Faces

It's ......

a Monday, all right.

1. Got the pool *almost* full. Decided we should probably backwash the filter *before* the water hit skimmer level, to prevent any ickies from making it into the pool. So, dropped the (running) hose into the skimmer basket, plugged in the pump, hit the switch - and Nothing. :sigh:

So...SG pulled out the AmEx and is picking up a new pump today. The filter itself should be fine - there's not a whole lot that can go wrong with a plastic bucket with sand in it after all - but without a pump we really can't use the pool. (The sand was replaced late last season, as was the gasket. So...:fingers crossed:)

2. Baby goats have teeth. I can't bottle feed more than 4 (and....it looks stupid and a little dirty when I do 4, but what do you do?) at a time.....I generally feed Chell first, then Padme, then Tasha (because those are the 3 smallest ones), then the other 4 (bottle between the knees, with another just above it, and 1 in each hand). This morning? That wasn't acceptable - I was mobbed. Bitten when I went to pick up Chell, head-butted when I grabbed Padme, and bitten again when I grabbed Tasha. I need to figure something else out.....the children won't be home until *Saturday*.

3. Milking....we FINALLY got the machine up and running. We replaced the hoses - got the wrong ones the first time (too thin of walls - the hoses collapsed when vacuum hit them); the 2nd set left a nasty bleach-y plastic taste in the milk. Set #3 work *great*....but then I had to convince SG to LEAVE the machine IN THE BARN. I can't haul the thing back and forth - it's too big and heavy. Now, it's back in the barn, it works...and it takes me the same amount of time. :lol:

Hand-milking 4 vs. machine-milking 4......the milking part is MUCH faster with the machine, but you have to clean it, which pushes the time back up. However...I can do other things while the machine does it's job - I hook up the first 2, and fill the cleaning buckets. Hook up the last 2, and feed everybody else, water, and hay. Transfer milk to tote, set up soapy water, let it go while I gather up the kids; by the time I'm ready for the bleach-water, everything else is done. Over 4 goats and it'd be MUCH faster.....but that's OK. (Last year we set it up to do 3 goats at a time.....with only 4 in milk, it didn't make any sense to juggle 3 sets of inflations - I'd still have 2 "flights" to do. 2 goats are easy...once you get them IN the milkroom (Ali, you're right - it IS like the Titanic and last lifeboat every. single. morning!)....3 aren't hard, but not as easy as 2.)

4. Today is on the slate to be the hottest day so far. Joy, joy.....and supposedly we'll have big thunder-boomers tonight. It's windy and kinda gray outside right now...but still HOT.

Working a little over today.....but not by much. I have 10 checks to go...I'm going to do a few more, so that tomorrow (the last day I have with them) I won't be so rushed.

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