June 14th, 2012

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The Husband is Off until Monday....

which is good. And bad. Those of you with spouses will understand. :nods:

I didn't sleep last night, for whatever reason. This AM, SG took me to Leslie's (we needed to get pool chemicals; salt systems require a LOT less than chlorine, and we had nothing), Home Depot (needed pvc pipe for the chlorinator-thingy he bought at Leslie's - supposedly it does something so you use less chlorine, but keeps the pool just as clean. I....dunno.) and Half-Price Books. I didn't go crazy - too tired - but I did come home with a few books.

He wants to clean out the kid area, and install the chlorine-thingy, and mow, and and and. Tomorrow we need to file the paperwork, talk to the Constable, pick up feed, and hay. Saturday is children-coming-home-day, and Sunday is Party day. BUSY.

Gonna go try to nap.....

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