June 18th, 2012

Calvin: Faces

Had to work today....

but I left at straight-up 12, so it's good.

Not so good is that my children, who I had discussed this with, did Almost Nothing for school while I was gone. :sigh: I know - new routine; it'll take time to sink into their heads. When I got home, they scurried around, grabbing textbooks and flipping to find the assigned pages. :lol: While they did Math, I read the Art Appreciation, Excavating English, and Latin assignments - just because I want them to be more in control of their education doesn't mean *I* don't want to learn!!

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op is about to offer a couple of Programming courses for Homeschoolers - here. SG and I have already discussed this - I WILL be purchasing all 4 of the Teen Coder courses, and he's going to do...whatever it is that IT folk do to PC's to make sure our 1 and only Windoze unit will be ready for this. (My Dell is....4 years old? 5? I dunno - we don't use it, except for Himself to program Portal test chambers; we're almost completely Mac now.) Himself told SG he doesn't want to go to MIT - which is fine by me, *I* don't have that responsibility over my head now. :lol: SG thinks he needs to go into some form of programming - and I agree, to an extent. Hence the Teen Coder courses - not cheap, even discounted, but I think they'll be worth every penny.

Herself has picked the colored pencils again; we have a lovely drawing of an Orange Tanager (I...think? Some sort of bird, anyway) on the studio freezer (she wants to sell it......I'll get info and post a photo of it later. No pressure - but I might as well encourage her.) and she's working on a hummingbird for the studio wall (a request from *me*. She does good hummingbirds. :grin:) - the plan is to have mostly OUR art on the walls in there.

ARTistic Pursuits will be fun - Himself will be starting with pastels, and Herself is slated to do Watercolors. This should be interesting....:lol:

Oh! Anna, I think my husband has been reading over my shoulder; yesterday he asked if I might possibly want to get a hot tub for the bottom level of the deck he's planning. (!) (The current plan is 3 levels; 1 pool-height, 1 mid-height, for eating and talking, and 1 ground-height for grilling and hot-tub. If we get a hot-tub.) I'm laughing....because who would have thought it? The pool was a given, but another thing for him to have to mess with? And HIS idea? :lol:

Gotta go soak my wrist - it's achy. :sigh:

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