June 22nd, 2012

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Something's been bugging me...

A few days ago, Lazar Brody posted this:

Without emuna, there are no answers.

With emuna, there are no questions

(Emuna = Faith.)

I....have a few issues with this. Without Faith in God, you can still get answers - they may not be right, but Science has a pretty decent track record. And WITH Faith....well.....I still wanna know about the Platypus. (Seriously, Lord - what's up with it? A mammal that lays eggs......really?? :lol:)

I don't mean to be totally silly here.....but I don't agree with Rav Brody's statement. Thoughts? (And I realize that I may not "get" what he was trying to say.......but this was his entire post. And I have Faith....and I still have lots of stuff I'd like to ask God and Yeshua about. So.....)

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Ooops...day late. Ah, well...:lol: I am thankful for:

1. Our pool. It's 100* out right now. We just got in from our..PE class. Yeah, that's it - we're doing Swimming for PE. :nods: We started out with one of those "pop up" pools from Wally World - it was OK, but not deep enough for real swimming, the pump wasn't really strong enough to *do* anything, and storage - yikes! We used it for 1 season, and I decided it was worth the $$$$ to buy a "real" above ground pool - we can vacation at home now! I don't regret the decision at all - which is why none of us balked at replacing the pool when the other one exploded. WELL worth every penny!

2. My kids. They are getting along better - partly because the doc added a new drug to the mix for Herself. It's Abilify, and I've had to sneak it in, but - so far - it's keeping her moods more level. Which makes for more peace amongst the children. :huzzah!:

3. My husband. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - he's great! He tries to put the kids and me above him - hard to do, when the 3 of us sometimes all want different things, but he manages to make most of us happy most of the time. Can't ask for more than that!

3a. Today he bought some home-made tamales from a guy at work. He knows we LOVE them, so when he got the chance, he jumped on it. Too bad I already had a roast in the slow cooker....:lol:

4. Knitting. I can sort of knit again. It's not pain-free, and sock needles are Right Out, but I am slowly knocking out the "modern mob cap" from this year's "Jane Austen Knits". (Which my husband bought me, because he knew I'd want it. :hugs:) I saw the photo, and HAD to start knitting, Right Then. Size 8 circs (MUCH larger than my usual size 2s!), bamboo silk yarn in a lovely shade of indigo....and I hope to soon have another cap in my head-covering arsenal. Pics at some point - but it's SLOW going, so don't expect anything *soon*.

5. My "garden". The grasshoppers got the peppers, but the tomatoes simply Will. Not. Give. Up. I don't even LIKE tomatoes (but they were buy 1/get 1, and I figured I'd get 1 or 2 cherry tomatoes from them, and we'd be happy. No, I managed to get the only 2 invincible tomato plants the Earth has ever seen. We've gotten probably 100 cherry tomatoes already, and there's a good 20+ more ripening now. The strawberries made a good effort (and tasted great) - but the watermelon! It's about to take over the yard in a hostile coup. We've beaten it back once....but it's managed to overgrow the barrel it's in, and it's crawling up the back yard fence as we speak. AND it's headed toward the pool......if it finds water, we're hosed. :lol: (Seriously, it's gone viral. Guess goat poop is good for something!)

6. School. We watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" today, and both kids thought it'd be a good enrichment item for Geography. :snicker: All-righty, then - I have all 3 movies (#4 doesn't...doesn't count, because it was Stupid and Sucked. And I'm NOT inflicting it on my children. Or giving Speilberg/Lucasfilm any money for it - it was That Bad.), and we'll see how we can tie them into our Geography course this year. :nods: (Don'cha love homeschooling? Where you can DO this sort of stuff legitimately?? :lol:)

Gotta go start a loaf of challah - Shabbat Shalom!!

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