June 24th, 2012

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It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Let's see....

1. Got a phone call yesterday at 8:05 AM. It was our Constable, who wanted to let me know that he served Mike the papers (finally! - after 3 tries!) "5 minutes ago, at a gas station at 205 and FM (something or other. I can't keep all the #'s straight. :lol:) Tried his house, tried his Mom's house; finally called him last night and told him we needed to meet now." :lol: I LOVE living in a small town!

He's going to turn the stuff in tomorrow, and they'll set up a date for us. Fun stuff.......

2. Got the Jeep's brakes fixed yesterday....$500. :ouch: The left rear was totally metal-to-metal, and the brake pad kept slipping. Fortunately, the rotors were OK, as were the front brake pads...still. OUCH. At least I wasn't making stuff up! (It needed new pads, of course, and new calipers and...pistons? Something.....both back brakes were bad, but the front brakes were still in good shape. Yes, the $500 was for the back brakes ONLY. :shudder:)

3. I mowed the back yard this AM while the kids and SG cleaned the barn. Wowza - I killed the push mower 5 times, so SG pulled out the riding mower. (It has a fuel-line leak). It still took almost 2 hours to mow our relatively small back yard (OK, so it's larger than most suburban yards - about 1/8 to 1/4 acre. Still not *huge*, relatively speaking.) I need to do the front, but the mower is stuck, and I'm hot and tired. Maybe tomorrow.....or later tonight.

4. The does and kids are out browsing. The does are in our next door neighbor's pasture; the kids are in the doe pen. (I....don't know why. They're weird.) Everybody seems happy.

I need to rest, then we are hitting the pool. It's HOT. Already.

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