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June 25th, 2012


These boots are made for walkin'.... 10:40 am
and that's what we did this AM. After milking, we piled into the car (with Snips, because Himself says she needs it more than *I* do. :lol:) and went to the local "lake" park. It was already 79* out (Anna, you asked how I could mow? Well....if we don't do it in the morning, it doesn't get done. 79* at 7:30 = 100*+ by 5 PM. Bedtime last night it was still in the low 90s (or high 80s - I didn't check.) Yesterday was the first 100* day officially.....later than last year, but it's going to be another record-setting summer, I fear. Anyway....)

We hiked around, and guess what we saw? Wait - I got a photo:

Can *you* see it? :lol: Snips couldn't - thankfully. She sat like a pro while I was trying to get close enough for a phone-photo, but not so close that I'd get dive-bombed. (psssst- it's in the center of the frame. Tiny. Very well camo'd.)(It's a fledgling kildeer; the mama bird was flopping around trying to get us AWAY from it. That's what caught my eye - they only do that when there's a nest around. Then this one started running away from us.)

We'll be swimming a little later -the walk got us all hot and sweaty. School hasn't helped - Math seems to be the sticking point today.

Nothing much else planned - Wednesday is Doctor Day for Herself, so we're going to make a day of it. I need some linen/cotton yarn, she wants yarn, and Himself wants to hit Half-Price and a craft/toy store. So......we have a day off. :nods:

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