June 26th, 2012

me: portrait

It's Hot, Hot, Hot....

and going to get hotter. 104* right now.....we just got in from swimming. I need to pick up some white t-shirts for the pool; sunscreen is nice, but I don't know about the long-term effects of it. T-shirts are safe, and cover what is above water. :lol: (None of us get very dark - we're all Scottish. Pale as death.....and blonde. Right now, my Ash-blonde is silvered (with gray :ugh:)...but it's getting lighter by the day.)

Herself has sort of gotten quadratic equations - huzzah! She's doggedly playing Dragonbox - which is helping - but she's still not math-oriented. 's OK....I'll pass her if she keeps going the way she is. She's doing her best - and she *got* it today. Arithmetic keeps tripping her - public school didn't make sure she had her math facts straight, they just passed her. Me? I'll make sure she understands this before moving on, but I won't force her to score a certain percentage. If that makes sense.

SG bought the Android/Java programming package - as soon as the kids' Mac-mini is online (we had to set up parental controls, because Himself simply can NOT stay off the internet. :sigh: Today I found him in his room with the Android tablet - I had forgotten to get it from him when he got the iPad. THAT has been rectified......:sigh:; right now the iPads and Mac-mini are locked down until 2 PM; they all get locked back out at 9. It's good for them...but I can't download anything on their devices until 2....(Well...I *could*. But I don't want either of them to know what I'm doing to bypass the control...and he'd figure it out if I gave him half a clue.)

I finished the mob cap - I like it. I'm hoping I can get some more linen/cotton/bamboo yarn tomorrow to make a few more - it went pretty quickly. And it's comfy. And it looks nice. :nods:

Have bread in the machine - gotta go check it. Hope you're staying cool, and having a fun day!

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