June 27th, 2012

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G-d is Good!

We left at 7:45 this morning, with an almost dead chicken in the kids' bathroom. We just got home, and Schrodinger's hen is STILL alive! Praise G-d!!!!

We've lost 4 already this year. I've got to get on CraigsList and find some more pullets - we're down to under 20, now - but SG wants to clean the coop out completely, re-bed it with the dirt from the pool install, and put in new nesting boxes. He seems to think that the heat, combined with chicken poo, is causing something to kill them. I don't know.....but I'm tired of dead chickens. (And we haven't checked the chicken yard yet today....we may very well HAVE lost another one/two/etc. :sigh:)

Doc appt went well - Herself is OFF of the Abilify. I haven't seen any change, and I really don't like messing with neuro-drugs. She's NOT depressed, she's NOT manic - just mood swings. Which are NORMAL for puberty....which she is smack-dab in the middle of. :sigh: Doc wasn't happy - but I can't see buying the next dosage, coming back in 2 weeks, only to get a new prescription......all the while not knowing what this drug is doing to her system. I'd prefer NO meds at all, to be honest - but that doesn't work. (BTDT...if I want this child to make it to adult-hood, she's GOT to take something. Vyvance is working, and - so far - there's been no side effects.)

Hit JoAnn's - Herself bought a ton of perler beads (and JoAnn's will stack discounts - she used 2 of my 40% off coupons, and my teacher's card), and had a blast discussing spriting with the saleslady. Then we hit the Yarn Shoppe (so...snooty!).....I got some lovely linen-cotton yarn, and some FABULOUS sock yarn (Shalimar Yarns Zoe...No, I don't need any more sock yarn. But it was SO pretty, and squishy, and....I simply couldn't leave it there where it would be ignored by folks. And yarn fumes got to me.). The seller was....well, she didn't quite understand why I spin, or WHY I'd own - gasp! - Cashmere goats (c'mon, lady - have you PRICED Cashmere yarn? I mean, seriously -I can't afford to buy it ready-spun. Goats, I can afford.) She also wasn't sure what to make of Himself, who kept bringing me lovely, soft, squishy luxury yarn ("Mom - this is 50/50 silk/merino. And THIS is 70/30 silk/cashmere. Oh - feel this!" :lol:)

SG took us to lunch at a Greek buffet - om nom nom! The kids had never had Greek food before - shame on me! They actually enjoyed it - what SG and I have decided is that the first Saturday of the month will be "Try a new Culture" day. This month (July...we started a few days early) was Greek, next month will be Indian, then...probably Thai. Last month (June) was Japanese (Hibachi bar......om nom nom!) I don't want them to be stuck in a rut food-wise.....and I don't do a lot of ethnic cooking. (Too hard to get a lot of ingredients here......unfortunately.)

Gotta go wind some yarn - think I'll start with the cream linen. I've never worked with linen before, so this will be interesting.

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