June 28th, 2012

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Thankful Thursday....

even though Schrodinger's chicken died today (it DID make it thru the night, which was good...but I had my doubts when we left), we are still blessed. (Poor chicken had been attacked by the other hens when it was down....at least it died comfortably.)

Reasons we are Blessed:

1. We have enough income to pay the bills for *2* households, with enough left over for "fun" stuff like books (today we made a Half-Price run), yarn, and pool toys. No, the toys weren't "necessary", but both kids have been begging. What's a mom to do? The toys keep them moving in the pool, which is good - otherwise, they'd just float around.

2. We can afford to buy our meat direct from the processing plant. I *know* where our beef comes from - can't say the same from meat from the grocery store! The steaks I bought today I saw being cut off of the carcass.....talk about *fresh*! Ditto on the brisket.......:mmmmmmm:

3. We are all healthy. I could stand to lose some weight - but I am working on it. My favorite shorts are now loose enough that they are hip-huggers (I always have waist-gap; my hips are 12" wider than my waist, so NOTHING fits properly. Usually, these shorts sit normally - my hips hold them up. Lately, though, my hips don't - so now the waist is sitting UNDER my navel, which NEVER happens. :bounce:)

4. We all get along, most of the time. Herself's Asberger's causes some issues between the kids, but for the most part, they get along. We even have fun! :lol: (Right now, Himself is going out to help Herself dig a hole for Schrodinger's hen. :sigh: and :hugs:, because it is currently 103*, and HOT. HOT HOT HOT.)

5. The Lord provides. We hit Half-Price, and He led me to 3 books - 1 for me, 2 for Himself. All 3 cost what *1* of Himself's books retails for - which is a FANTASTIC deal (he wanted robot books; I snagged "Robot Builder's Bonanza" and "Lazers, Cannons, and Light Guns"....RIGHT up his alley. Me? I got "Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire" - we watched the movie over the weekend, but it left a lot to be desired. I wanted the rest of the story.) Herself scored a book on chain-maile jewelry making, so we're all happy. (Except for the chicken part, but....death's a part of life, and we did what we could.)

I've asked Him for a Half-Price closer to us than 30 minutes; He keeps saying No. I'm glad, actually - because ALL my "excess" funds would be spent there....and He knows best. :lol: (Don't talk to ME about Market Survey this and Population Density that - I KNOW why we don't have any book stores within 20 miles of me. My house is already FULL of books, as is my iPad. Books and I....we have had an affair for as long as I can remember. LOVE books......and He is keeping me sane and out of bankruptcy. :lol:)

Need to go clear the table, and figure out where all the pool toys will go until we get the bench cleaned out. And I need to wash my new swimsuit - the ONLY one in my size Academy had, and it was EXACTLY what I've been looking for. A halter-top tankini that actually COVERS my girls, with a bottom that actually COVERS my hips. It's *modest*!!!! (I *detest* the "modest" swimsuits fundies promote - it's too damn HOT to be covered from my neck to my knees, thanks. I can be modest in an off-the-rack suit, thankyouverymuch!) Yes, I wear a t-shirt when we swim at noon, because I have issues with sunscreen - NOT because of modesty issues.)

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