June 29th, 2012

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Some days....

We got a call..Tuesday or Wednesday, I think...that the "part for your Jeep is in!" WHA? They didn't mention we were missing a part when they sent me home on Saturday...so SG set up an appointment this morning.

We drove, I handed over the keys...and come to find out, it was the wrong Jeep. MY 2008 Jeep Liberty was completely fixed - the 2006 Jeep Liberty belonging to someone else, however, wasn't. They called the wrong Jeep.....:sigh:

Ah, well - I was nice, because it WAS an accident..but wow. 30 miles out, 30 miles back...plus lunch.

Cruzin' along on my 2nd Modern Mob Cap...I love this pattern. The yarn...not so much, but it looks nice. I have 2 more planned - a white cotton one (for Sabbath) and a green linen/cotton one. We'll see if I'm still enamored with the pattern when I get all 3 done...:lol:

Re: SCOTUS decision. I'm not AGAINST the healthcare bill; I think something needs to be done to ensure everyone has insurance. This, however, isn't it - I do NOT agree that everyone should be REQUIRED to have it...what if you can't afford it? As it stands now, you either pay for insurance, or you're fined.

What if: I was a widowed mother of 2, working full-time. Had Mr. Boss not paid for my kids coverage, (and mine), they wouldn't have been insured - I made "too much" for CHiP, and not enough to pay the $650/month fee. If I lost my job, THEY would have been covered by CHiP - which isn't great - but *I* wouldn't have been, because COBRA for me would have been $800/month. (Yeah - JUST me. We looked into going private for a while - the boss paying - because he wanted to cut costs......PRIVATE coverage for me and the 2 kids was $2100/month (because of Herself's ASD, and Himself's asthma, which is currently in remission). That's.....Mr. Boss was paying $1800/month for the 3 of us...so we kept things as they were.)

If you can't afford the premiums, chances are you can't afford the penalty, either. Medicaid, which I think the kids would have qualified for, wasn't accepted by any of the kids' doctors.....which means we'd have to find someone who WOULD take it, and get on the waiting list...meaning the kids wouldn't have the meds they (Herself) need in the interim. (Oh...and prescriptions? Wouldn't be as cheap on CHiP or Medicaid. :sigh:)

I don't have an answer...but this isn't really what I thought would happen (since when does the government have the right to require you to purchase something? I......disagree with the ruling. Sorry, but.....I shouldn't be forced to buy something I might not be able to afford. I don't think it's right...but that's how it is.)

Anyway. Enough of that. I need to start the challah dough, clear off the table, and get ready for Shabbat. And knit. :lol:

Shabbat Shalom!

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