July 1st, 2012

Firefly: Josh Whedon


the chicken coop is now pristine and spotless. -ish. Yesterday, the kids and SG spent 3 hours digging it out - to the bedrock! - and SG ripped out the old nesting boxes. Found 15 eggs of dubious age (ICK!) on top - which probably explains the deaths, no? He and I muscled in the new nesting box unit (goes all the way to the roof, so no more "hidden" eggs or poo!) while the kids put up the new misting system (probably not necessary, but it was $10 and Herself was in a lather, so...why not?)

I called "Chicken Town" and set up an appointment for Tuesday - we'll pick up 10 pullets to replace the deceased ones. Not cheap - chicks are a LOT cheaper - but I can't do chicks, and I need to be able to put them out with the established flock the moment we get them home.

SG started a batch of "farmer's cheese" yesterday; Manchego is on the list for today. I am at maximum capacity for milk - the dogs got this morning's gallon - and I NEED the room. And the cheese...:lol:

Oh! I have found the almost PERFECT way to copper bolus the goats! FRESH baked challah. I decided yesterday I really needed to just DO it.....but I can't use a bolus gun. Marshmallows work...but we don't buy those often because they aren't Kosher. I had a day-old loaf of bread...so I took it outside, tore pieces out of the center, and wrapped the capsules in it. I Got Mobbed. :lol: ALL the milkers have been bolused, and some of the Cashmeres. I need to up the ante for the other Cashmeres - they were "meh" on the bread, but I KNOW they'll go bonkers over strawberry cupcakes. It's worth the cost of 1 box to easily get the copper into the goats, yes?

It was misting this AM during morning stables - hope it turns into rain! We need it...badly.

Gotta run a water sample in to Leslie's today, then I have to do work stuff.

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