July 5th, 2012

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So. Tired...

We were up late last night, blowing stuff up. Only had 1 fizzle and 1 mis-fire (the artillery shell didn't go up, it exploded in the tube. Still cool, but NOT what we expected!), so the evening was deemed a success.

Note to self: next time, skip the "hens" and "roosters" (they "lay eggs".....really lame sparks shoot out the butt (hen) or mouth (roo)) and buy more lady bugs (they spark, then start spinning while sparking, then launch - look like a green ring as it accelerates off). Also buy more quads (they now sell artillery shells with stages, like a rocket. We bought quads - the first stage blows up, igniting the 2nd stage, and so forth. Each stage is a different pattern - it was AWESOME!) and less fountains. Oh, and less smoke bombs - they stink!

The kids loved the paratroopers - think Estes rockets, but with fireworks. The 2 parachutes spark and spin as they come down.....very cool looking!

I am very tired, but it was fun. The neighbors enjoyed it, too - which makes it more fun.

Off to nap now...

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The Adversary is sneaky....

See, SG wants to go to an organized shul. *I* do not. Today while out running around, we came across a "Messianic" church that isn't too far away......and I have a LOT of reservations.

The website is here......and I don't like some of the things I am reading. For example, the "Rabbi" claims to have been raised in Israel, served in the IDF....but doesn't mention ANY Yeshiva.....which isn't normal for a Rabbi. I get the feeling he's like one of the "preachers" found in small Baptist churches that has little to no actual religious training. He also says he's a Bible teacher....NOT a Torah teacher - which raises another flag to me.

But. Is it just my dislike of the church, or is it more? Anyone wanna take a look and give me your opinion? SG really wants to go to a church......:sigh:

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