July 11th, 2012

me: portrait

It's a dark and stormy...

wait. No, it isn't - it's overcast and a little dreary, yes, but not dark OR stormy. And the sun came out long enough for us to swim - it's funny. The temp according to the thermometer is just now 91*, but the water was a nice 90*. Weird.....

Himself and I and Snips went for a LONG walk today - about 2 miles. Herself begged off - claimed she had a blister. Whatever - this was Not a good morning for her. :sigh: She ended up cleaning the kid area mostly by herself (they were both supposed to do it), because her attitude during milking was Horrendous. I know it's part Aspie/part hormonal...but that doesn't make it any easier.

I need to get back to weaving, but the current dishtowels have ticked me off, and I'm avoiding finishing. I need to get over that.....and I will. Maybe tomorrow. I'm headache-y today - I think it's the weather.

Math is FINALLY giving Himself a challenge. Took long enough! :heh: I shouldn't laugh, but factoring algebraic expressions has just blown his mind. He doesn't want to show his work - he'd rather do it in his head - but this, he can't. He tried to take a short-cut today, and bombed 5 problems, so tomorrow (normally a "non-math" day), he gets to work more. :shrug: Herself already does Math 5 days a week, so...we might have to switch him to that, too.

The baby goats have been "promoted" to the doe pen. The bucklings don't know what to do....they aren't used to being head-butted. :lol: The doelings are bouncing around, enjoying the space. It's been fun to watch!

Hope y'all are enjoying your summer like we are!

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