July 12th, 2012

me: portrait


the weather is so..ODD lately. We're still in Summer, but....it hasn't hit 100* in a week or two. NOT normal for TX this time of year (and I am NOT complaining!). It's been overcast every day for the past week, which holds the temps down.....but it's NOT Normal.

Our walk this AM was with Bree....it wasn't as hot as yesterday. I have photos - I really need to post a few, because I think our area is just beautiful. It reminds me of the campsites we used to go to - the smell of the asphalt, the crickets and locusts and birds all merrily chirping or singing away, the smell of damp vegetation.....it's lovely. Makes me want to ditch all the chores and head to a campsite. :lol:

We've settled back into the school routine - get up, milk, walk, school, lunch, swim......it's nice to have the routine back. Both kids did EXCELLENT on Math today - Herself did it all alone, and only missed *1*!!!!!! Himself needed a little help, but seeing as I'd accidentally given him the NEXT lesson to do, that's not bad. (And he quickly figured out what we were doing. :nods:)

Gotta go get ready to swim.

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