July 15th, 2012

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Rambling Recap....

Because our weekends are just so full of stuff! :lol:

1. Yesterday was our "Town Day". Hit 2 book stores; came home with only 2 books - neither one the MoH Companion Guide. I found (in the CLEARANCE! section of HPB) the "History of Science"...it's fun. Full of weird and wacky "science" that got debunked, or that got proven. We've had a blast reading some of the entries.

2. Took a water sample in to Leslie's - where we scored "perfect"! I dunno what we're doing, but whatever it is, it's right. :bounce:

3. Got to play with rescue Boxers at HPB - no, I did NOT bring one home. Even though 2 of them were Brindle - I HAVE a brindle pup now. :lol: Too cute - but Penny's cuter. Even if she IS fascinated by my handspun. And roving. :sigh:

4. Sasha was ill last night. (Last year's Alpine doeling). Not sure what's up - she was listless, and not eating. I wormed her (her eyelids were pale) and gave her a shot of Thiamine. She had scours (ICK), so we put her in the kid area by herself. She's still with us this AM, nibbling on hay a bit, but still not normal. So...we're watching her.

Today was school (work tomorrow); soon as Himself finishes Math we'll head out. Gotta get paint for the dining room, and hit Ham's Orchard for some more dinners. Then SG will fix brisket for tonight. (And..the rest of the week, most likely. :lol:) The dining room will be RED - we have about 3/4 gallon, but that will NOT cover the entire dining room. That's on the agenda for next weekend...I want to get it set up, so we can get a smaller table set up in the nook. Then I have to find tablecloths etc for the "new" table.....:fun stuff:

Gotta skitter!

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