July 16th, 2012

me: portrait

Good Morn......Afternoon!

Got out of the office by 11:50 - things go SO MUCH faster when I do a lot of the stuff at home. :sigh: Ah, well....I was done by 11:30, so that's something!

Something's going on - Sasha's better today, but this AM Zoe, Risky, and Rosa all refused the pellets. Or so says Herself - I'm not sure WHY, but....:sigh: Right now, all 3 are sunning themselves. I'll check them tonight.....Risky and Zoe were wormed right after they freshened, so it's not worms (on them, at least)......:confused:

Looks like rain again. :fingers crossed: I could get used to this!

Spent a bit of time organizing my external hard-drive. Everything had just been dumped on it...now most of it is in folders, all nice and neat. It's the little things...:grin:

I finally am able to hand-sew again! Got my new Sabbath placemats done; now I need to go start the Passover ones. I have "10 plagues" fabrics.....:lol: (The sick cow one is hysterical, as is the frog one. I can't WAIT to get those all sewn up!) (Yes, they're silly...but I want to decorate my table for each Feast. The tablecloth is easy.....but I want "appropriate" table-settings, too. No, I'm not Becky Home-echy....but.....this is fun, and I like making placemats and stuff. I have enough of the plagues fabrics to do a table runner, too......so, why not?)(Have I used enough parenthesis, yet? :lol:)

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