July 23rd, 2012

me: portrait

Houston, we have a....

Dining Room! We spent ALL weekend working on this...and it's still not done. :sigh: I HATE paint companies......we are using Behr Premium Ultra Paint + Primer or whatever - supposedly the top-of-the-line Behr. "Covers in 1 coat" my foot! We had about .75 gallon left from the accent wall in the family room, and we bought a full gallon. The dining room is 12 x 12 (I think.....might be smaller, but it's no larger than that!), BUT. 1 wall has a 48" wide opening (for French Doors), another wall has a window in the middle, and the 3rd wall has the door going into the kitchen. So....there's really only 1 complete wall. We SHOULD have had plenty of paint - especially since we were painting OVER other paint, right?

No. We have 1/2 a wall yet to do, and we need to put yet another coat on the wall with the large opening. The other 2 walls? Took *4* coats. *4* :bangs head:

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