July 26th, 2012

me: portrait

I. Hate. Goats.

Because I've had to go out and fix the blasted fence 3x in the last 4 days. :grumble: AND we have coyotes hanging out at the bottom of the boys' paddock - within *1* acre of the goat barn!!!! (So...fences HAVE to be secure!) IF you decide to get goats, here's a hint: Spend the $$$$ up front for SECURE, goat-proof fences. No-climb horse wire isn't. NOTHING that comes on a roll is goat-proof - they'll stand on it, and eventually wear it down. What works? Cattle/Utility panels ($20/EACH, on sale!) and wood posts cemented down. T-posts will come loose after they lean on them long enough. :sigh:


Himself has a talent for picking out fabric. See, yesterday we also hit JoAnn's (and Half-Price, just...well, Half-Price! With a 30% off 1 item coupon!) - Herself wanted to buy some more perler beads and other things. So...I decided that, while there, I'd pick up the stuff I needed to finish my placemats (I'll do a whole separate entry on those, because I have issues. :lol:) He was BORED, so he asked if he could help me find what I was looking for (so we'd leave sooner. :rolls eyes:)

I said, sure! I need some apple fabric. Nothing. OK, honey bee fabric. Nope - but. "Look at This! Apples AND Bees!!" :huzzah!: RH placemats: Check!

I sent him off to look for "harvest" fabric - NO turkeys, please! He came back with a GORGEOUS harvest-y fabric, that was EXACTLY like what I wanted. The only "miss" was Mardi-gras fabric (for Purim....ah, well) - can't win 'em all.

I'm working on the Passover set first, then I'll hit RH and Sukkot. All that'll be left is Purim....so we're on the hunt for perfect fabric. :bounce:

Today is a field trip.....soon as Himself finishes his Math, we'll hit the road. It's too hot to do anything outside......:sigh:

I'll try to hit the PO today, but it might be tomorrow. Anna - SG has been working late (moving a server)(like, not home until midnight late, for the past 3 nights!), but I'll get your stuff out soon. :fingers crossed:

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