July 29th, 2012

me: portrait


because I am on day 2 of very little sleep. Friday evening we watched the opening ceremonies.....because I was worried something might happen. (And...LOVED the Queen's entrance! Even if it wasn't real, it was a hoot - her and James Bond. :snicker:) So...you get somewhat random stuff!

1. We hit the Fiesta outlet 2x this week. Thursday the kids and I went - I got luncheon plates, a platter, and a gravy boat. We went back yesterday, because I had NO CLUE that Fiesta made *more* than just place settings. (OK, I knew about the pitchers and salt-n-pepper shakers, but they also make bakeware! Among other things!) I wanted SG to take a look, to see if he wanted anything else. BIG mistake. :lol: I now have a pitcher (I showed him a photo Thursday, and he said "Nah. It's...ugly." We go in, and it was "Wow - I Like that! We can keep tea in it! Go ahead and get one!" :lol:), a spoon rest, and more bowls. And an "order" to find new bakeware, to replace my old, starting to rust stuff. It won't be Fiesta, though - sticker shock hit. $40 for a 9x9 baking dish is....a bit much. And - the outlet has a HUGE seconds warehouse, where I shop (because I much prefer to pay $5.25 per plate, verses $10.99. And the bowls? Most of them were $2.50. First quality is $8. Um....I can live with slight imperfections, how about you? Only they don't have seconds in the baking ware, because "they charge me just as much, so the price difference isn't worth it to me". Yeah....um, whatever.)

2. Placemats. I put the Passover ones down, and started on the RH ones (because it's coming up sooner.) 2 down, 4 to go. Ali - I'll post photos - these are EASY. I'm doing them by hand (because...I'm a dork.), and each one takes about 1 hour - this doesn't include cutting and ironing, but I did that all at once. So.....seriously easy. And look nice.

3. Thanks to SG and I deciding to ditch the plastics, my kitchen cabinets are actually organized. I'm.....happy.

4. SG started working on the kitchen table today. He chose a nice, light honey stain -it looks really, really nice.

I'm surprised SG is so onboard with the Fiesta - he's not really into mis-matched stuff. He tried to explain that he LOVES that my Fiesta is all different colors; it's the shape/pattern that he *has* to have match. :scratches head: NONE of my Fiesta matches; in fact, it's a "rule" here that we can't have 2 of the same color on the table at the same time. I LOVE it, so I'm glad SG is happy with it, too.

I need to see if I can take a nap...I'm worn out!

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