July 31st, 2012

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Placemat Tutorial

This is VERY photo-heavy; I tried to take a picture of every single step I do...but some of the photos didn't come out. I'll try to explain - if I don't do a good job, ping me and I'll see about making another set. :lol: Also - do as I say, not as I do; I bought the proper amount of border fabric...but when I went to cut it I realized that I prefer the way the print ran from selvedge to selvedge, instead of the way it ran cut end to cut end. So....I ended up NOT having enough fabric to do 6 placemats (and coasters - I'll do a tutorial on them later. They're even EASIER!)

So...Collapse )

Hope this made sense. I'll be making matching coasters later this week (probably RH ones, but we'll see. Tomorrow I go buy another yard of the harvest fabric.), so I'll take pictures of those, too. Have fun - and feel free to ask for clarification. I'll try to get more photos, even, if necessary.

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