August 1st, 2012

me: portrait

So much for *that*....

about 15 minutes after I posted yesterday, I went to iron my napkins...and the cord reel on my iron went *sproing*! :sigh: The iron still works, but I can't set it down now, because the bottom is wonky. SG is going to try to remove the cord housing...but I already hit eBay and bought a GERMAN Rowenta (this one was made in China...and it sucks, and I can't believe that they charge over $100 for Chinese-made crap. :grrrrr:). This only lasted 3 years.....NOT good, for that kind of money. :fuming:

Ah, well...I did score more fabric today, so that's good. And a new crystal butter dish (I broke our other one. :sigh:)....but I couldn't find any enamel/graniteware bakeware at ALL. Guess I need to order online.....:sigh:

It's hot and sticky out. Hope y'all are staying cool!

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