August 6th, 2012

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Oh, dear - I seem to be...

turning into Hannah Homemaker, or Becky Home-echy. I...don't know WHAT is going on here. I mean, the tablecloth Friday is understandable - I needed to cover the newly refinished breakfast table. Plus, it's just a rectangle - no big deal. But....yesterday?

Yesterday....I made a clothespin apron. For use when hanging clothes. I have a couple of clothespin holders - but they hang on the line, and are inconvenient to use. This one hangs on my waist....keeping the pins right where I can reach them. (Of course, that's only good IF I can get my clothesline restrung. I ran out of cord 4 rows from the top.....:sigh: And the old cording is so worn I'm afraid to use it.)

And today. Today we had to run back into town for Himself to exchange a non-working game. (He handled it all by himself - makes a mom proud!)....and Herself wanted to stop at JoAnn's. OK....I came home with enough fabric to make another tablecloth - and maybe enough for napkins, too.

What is going on????? :lol:

Seriously.....I'm not house-proud. I'm not one of these that has to have everything "just so". And I am, planning retro-looking tablecloths, looking for art so that the dining room is "perfect" (I can live with it the way it is, but SG..can't. :sigh:) and planning more placemats. And runners. And and and.....

Help? :grin:

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