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August 13th, 2012


Home again, home again... 01:59 pm
jiggety-jog. Was done at work at *9:30*, thanks to a LOT of prep-work at home yesterday, but we didn't get to leave until 11:30, because FA kept farting around. :bangs head:

Friend's dogs are fine; Brandy is scared and barks, but Marie is a Love-muffin. :lol: Tomorrow we have to be there early to meet the plumber.....I'm taking the school books and some work to keep us busy. I HOPE this means we'll get out of there quickly......Murphy's law, don't you know. :wink:

Need to work on the RH placemats - need to sew the miters closed. Then I need to get cracking on the Sukkot ones - RH begins Sept. 16. :gulp!:

Gotta run!

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