August 21st, 2012

me: portrait

It's been Raining!

Over the past few days. Lovely, lovely, WET rain! The temps have dropped to UNDER 90* - what a relief! And odd, because this is AUGUST, and it NEVER gets that cool! Not complaining, though!

Not much going on here. I'm slowly working on the Sukkot placemats (2 down, 4 to go!) and trying to sleep. Brain won't shut off....need to figure that out. I'm tired of the headaches associated with lack of sleep!

That app I mentioned a few days ago - Homeschool Helper? Now offers lesson plans. *I* don't like the format, but it's usable, at least. Well worth the $5 I spent on it....wish they'd offer a Mac version.

OH! it's now available in the google market! And they're working on a Nook and a Kindle edition - worth the $4.99!

Anna, I should have a box for you tomorrow - gotta double-check with SG. :bounces:

Need to get ready for school.....tomorrow is shopping day, and we won't get much done! No biggie - we're almost at mid-term in our Math book. :big grin: We can afford to take some time off, no? :wink:

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