August 30th, 2012

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More Contemplation....

Anna's post made me think yesterday - WHY are we (collectively) busting our butts cleaning and stuff, IF we're not gonna be here after the Fall Feasts?

So...while I was painting the trim in the Music/Game room (why bother? Because...once the furniture is back in place, you won't SEE any of the baseboards, so.....why? :sigh:) I got to thinking. We're looking forward to the Wedding Feast, yes? Well...what IF all this hustle and bustle is getting us Spiritually ready to "host" the reception?

I mean......Messiah went to prepare a place for us, right? So...why are we worried about our physical homes? He'll do a much better job than we puny humans could *ever* do....but. TorahClass talks about the Duality of what IF all my painting and cleaning and purging is getting my Spiritual house in order, as well as my physical?

I should also confess that I spent a few minutes wondering if this was like some of the moral tales I know, I get to pick a violin for someone I really don't like that much, so I pick the lesser of the 2, only to find out that I was really picking one for *me* - that sort of thing. I spent a good 30 minutes contemplating that my painting here was putting paint on the walls of my Heavenly home...but I rapidly dismissed that, because I don't think He would let me touch His paintbox. :lol: Besides, He has a MUCH wider selection of colors than we do here - nevermind me, I'm just rambling now. :lol:

Anyway....the Duality of Reality makes sense.....because otherwise, all this cleaning and tidying and renewing just doesn't make sense. Unless we're gonna be here for a while longer - but it STILL doesn't make sense, because why now? (And, while I still wonder about the whole Rapture-as-the-church-teaches-it thing, I'm hoping that it's something they DID get right for once. Because....I don't really wanna be here for what's coming. And if I am here.....fresh paint will be the LEAST of my worries!)(Even if I am totally digging the new color scheme - my house makes me insanely happy right now, even as messy as it currently is, because the colors are just...happy.)

Still have a lot of unconnected thoughts rumbling around, but I have work-work to do before we start school. Kids are cleaning out the kidding area of the barn - the bucklings were in it last Saturday, and made a bit of a mess.

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