September 2nd, 2012

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May the Odds...

be EVER in your favor! Yup, we watched "Hunger Games"'s actually a pretty good adaptation. They cut some of the non-essential scenes, but they also cut some important ones - AND they added some scenes from Book 2. :sigh:

1 of the big cut scenes was cut because the Department of Backstory went on sabbatical - they show snippets of Peeta tossing Katniss bread....but without ANY sort of context, you don't get WHY it was such a big deal. :sigh: And they cut the scene where Katniss gets a gift from a different district - again, that's a pretty important plot device.

Overall, though, it was a good movie.

The Music/Game room is DONE. I just need to hang the art and put it all back together, but the walls are painted and so is the trim. So is the hallway between the kids' rooms. It needs trim paint, but looks nicer now.

Friday afternoon we went on a letterbox loop. 5 boxes...we found 3. 2 of them were long-gone, but it was still fun. 1 of the boxes was at the church that threw me out...that was kinda odd. :lol: And that box was full of ants......:lol:

It's been hot enough recently that we've been able to use the pool again - *I* can't take it if the water is under 92*. That means it needs to be at least 96* outside, for a few days, so that the water warms up. This is the First year I can remember where we only had 12 days of triple-digit heat in August. That's....NOT normal.

Anyway.....need to print out the stuff for school next week. I'm still on the fence about school during the 10 Days of Awe.....IF we're here. Guess I'll play it by ear - Herself at least HAS to work on Math, or she'll lose all of it. :sigh:

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