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September 4th, 2012


Remember when we talked about "balloons"? 03:58 pm
Well.....I've been getting bouquets of balloons lately. Yesterday, it was the serger. Today? Today we got an old Persian rug, in colors that look fantastic with the dining room, in a size that fits PERFECTLY under the table....for $43.

I don't know WHAT is going on....because if we're going Home, why did I need a rug (and why do I need to be frantically painting the walls/trim? I mean.....Anna said "resale"..which I had wondered about, but if so, the rug was NOT necessary. Nor was the serger......)?

It's...odd. I mean......we ran into town to get the pool water checked, and I stopped at Half Price to get a book on using the serger (had to go to JoAnn's, because HP didn't have any - but JoAnn's is just across the shopping center).....and as we were heading home, SG saw the little Antique store the kids and I went to a month or so ago. He wanted to stop.....and there was The Rug.

I'm almost afraid to run to the store again...:lol:

We did hit a letterbox on the way home - it was hard to find. Herself has good eyes, though - and the stamp was pretty cool.

Anyway - anything weird going on elsewhere, or am I just "lucky"? 'Cause this...this is odd, given the Season we're about to enter into.

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