September 16th, 2012

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Weekend Update....

This weekend I learned quite a few things. To wit:

1. I am perfectly capable of shooting an AR-15. Can't HIT squat, until the sights are adjusted, but I can shoot it.

2. I need some sort of padding on the butt of the stock. Otherwise, I get lovely bruises. The shop employee didn't believe me, until I pulled the neck of my shirt over - Big, Lovely, Blood-bruises, right where the butt sits. (Granted, I bruise at the drop of a hat, and always have. Still!)

3. I excel at nailing Mesquite Trees. I hauled my prey up to the bucks, who happily destroyed the evidence. :lol:

4. Coyotes are brave, stupid creatures. One was up at the tractor shed this morning, and didn't run off until SG popped a few rounds off at it. Even then, he stopped a few yards inside Danny's pasture, and - according to SG - appeared to be taunting his lack of accuracy (see #1, re: sights)

5. Cabela's is just a repackaging of Bass Pro Shops. Same set up, same aquarium, same price points.

6. Compound bows are crazy-expensive. Long bows are....much cheaper, but still not cheap. And arrows are.......stupidly priced.

7. Asking the kids to help tidy the studio leads to 30 minutes of intense work, and a clean studio! :happy dance:

8. Telling SG that fish is traditional on RH leads to HIM volunteering to cook the meal tonight. :rubs hands in glee: *I* just have to provide the round challah - easy! :lol:

In case I don't get back on today, I'd like to wish everyone L'Shanah Tovah - Happy New Year! Tomorrow is RH, so I won't be on.......and I can't promise I'll be on after - it's up to Yah.

May you be inscribed for a sweet New Year!

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