September 21st, 2012

Calvin: Faces

And I've enabled another one to the dark side...

of soaping. :heh: Yes, folks, Herself just finished pouring her first batch of soap. :rubs hands with glee:

Granted, it's...not a pretty bar. Not because of anything we did....but because she chose Jasmine-Honey as her scent, and decided that she wanted brown soap with a violet swirl. Um. I won't discuss what brown soap *looks* like......and the scent is making me ill (I don't like over-blown florals; this scent was a "gimme" from my last order.)

Still - she made a batch of soap! I had to do the lye - she was a bit too nervous for that - but she did the rest. :happy dance: She's thinking about adding it to her Etsy We'll see how it cures (have I mentioned it's ugly? Because......right now, it's UGLY. :grin:)

I made a batch of luxury soap, too - Sweet Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. We'll see how it comes out - but I'm excited about it. I managed to get a full mold, and 1 of my "overflow" I have a tester! :evil grin:

Need to get more Olive Oil so I can make more soap.....I've been busy lately. It's actually cheaper to buy it locally instead of online - which isn't normally the case. I've been pricing molds.....I'll be buying some of those next week (should we be here.) It seems that the Lord wants me making I want to be able to up the productivity.

Cheese: We pulled the Derby Sage out of the press last night - it looks good. Tastes good, too - but you can't really taste the Sage. We're going to wax it 5 months, and try it then. Next time, I'll use more Sage....:lol:

Dinner tonight: Chili and cornbread. :yum!: I don't think it's cool enough for chili, but I was over-ruled. :heh:

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