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September 24th, 2012


Today was work... 02:32 pm
and I was DONE at 9:30. Too bad they weren't - they sent me changes at 11:45. :bangs head: I really, REALLY hope the Lord whisks us home this week....seriously. :sigh:

SG is still hot-n-heavy on the "soap will save our bank account!" kick. :sigh: It'll help, yes...but he's not stopping to run the numbers. I charge $5/bar. Yes, it's worth more - the "local" soapmaker is charging $7.50 - but I think most folks will shell out $5 for handmade, chemical-free soap. *I* need to run the numbers, though - because I don't know if $5 is sustainable - oils have gone up since my last order, as have scents. I'm not worrying about it now - should we be here, I'll run them in December, and make any adjustments in January.

Anyway - $5/bar. We are paying $300/month in critter feed (since everything but the chickens and dogs get the same feed now) - NOT including hay. Let's see....this means that I need to sell 60 bars of soap to pay for the feed.....and this isn't counting any recoup of investment in soap ingredients (I'm ignoring the cost of the molds right now......I know I shouldn't, but I spent $130 for the Woodfields mold last year....and am looking at another $120 or so in molds this week (should we be here, naturally. :wink:) (This'll be for 1 large wooden mold, with 3 silicone liners, and 2 smaller silicone liners that SG will be building wooden molds for). And I'm not counting the $$$ spent on more fragrance oils last week (that still haven't shipped out yet - so much for "We ship within 24 hours!" :snerk:)

And now....now, SG's decided that we need to go to the bank on Wednesday (??!!!!! It's YK!!!!! NO!!!!!) and see about refinancing the house, and adding the $$$$$$$$ to purchase the 8 acres next door. I......OK, I suggested we look into this, but. I only owe 8 years on the house. I'm just about at the point that interest doesn't matter anymore. And....I REALLY don't want another 15+ years of house payments, kwim? And the whole "let's go on Yom Kippur!" is REALLY bothering me.....:sigh: Ah, well - it's in the Lord's hands. IF we're supposed to buy the acreage, well, He'll let me know. Ditto if we're not......

:sigh: So much Drama lately!

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