September 28th, 2012

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Shabbat Shalom!

So. Tired. today! Yesterday was pay bills/buy groceries/run around day, and today....well, I was *planning* on soaping, but found out our friends/Clan cousins want to visit tomorrow, so am in "MUST clean the Studio!" mode - we had to run to Thrall-mart for a small bookcase for all my oils/butters/molds, because the Studio is...well, cluttered. I need to get it tidy-er (it was OK...but I NEED to get the soaping stuff in some sort of organized order. I have some oils due to be delivered today, plus what I already had, plus what I bought yesterday...and I don't know what scents/colors I have, because I can't SEE them. So....

Himself is happily assembling the POS bookcase. Herself is watching "The Avengers" again (check out Cleolinda's M15M on it if you haven't already - it's HYSTERICAL. Don't have a link on hand - but google "Movies in 15 Minutes" and it should take you right to her LJ. Worth the time to read it!).

Let's see......made another batch of Manchego yesterday - the last one I made, SG didn't let it was all...icky. The dogs loved it, but I didn't want to try it. So....yesterday was cheesemaking day. :lol:

This AM, I got ALL the Hanukkah prezzies ordered. Yes, we may not be here.....don't care. I had the $$$$, and I felt like I needed to get them ordered. This year was a good year - 8 presents, 2 kids, for UNDER $200. Herself was easy - she asked for seed beads (cheap!), Fimo/Sculpey (also Cheap!) and some beading books; Himself....not so much, but he's getting a lot of Ardunio stuff (I..have NO idea what that is, but it has something to do with Robotics. :shrug: Cheap enough - Radio Shack carries some kits; Amazon was cheaper, and I got him a book and starter set. We'll see if he plays with it.

Gotta run - Himself asked for help. That's a first! :wink:

May your day be blessed!

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