September 30th, 2012

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So tired!

Busy day yesterday - friends were here until 9. My bedtime is 8. :yawn: Couldn't sleep...mind too busy. So, today is a rest day.

Doesn't help that it's been raining since Friday evening. We NEED the rain, but it makes me sleepy. I'll nap after lunch (I hope, anyway!)

Ended up making 2 batches of soap Friday - 1 to test a new scent: Moonlight Pomegranite. :mmmmm: It was the freebie in my Brambleberry order, and it's yummy! Think I need to order a bottle of's a nice, soft scent. The other was plain soap, in a new recipe (I'm trying to get away from Soy. No real reason; I just think there's too much Soy in stuff, and I know it can mess with female hormones, so.....I'm trying to perfect something soy-less. This batch...well, it overheated, cracked, then mended itself...but I unmolded it too soon, so it's ugly soap. No biggie - it's a test batch, so looks don't matter. :lol:)

Today I'm rendering beef fat. Yes, I could buy it....but I can get it from the Meat Locker for $2/pound. It's a lot more than that already rendered. I can do the work myself - dump the fat in a stock pot, add same amount of water (pound to pound), add salt, bay leaves, cloves, and vinegar, bring to a boil, then simmer until it's all melted. Just time-consuming.....we'll see how it works. :lol:)

Why? Because tallow (and lard) makes FANTASTIC soap. I won't use lard for religious reasons; yes, I know that the saponification process "eats" the lard, and doesn't (supposedly) leave any of the "pig" behind....but why take that risk? (It's why I started doing melt-n-pour soaps, all those years ago - most commercial soaps use lard. If the label says "sodium laudeate",'s pig. Just a FYI.) I don't know if any of it is absorbed...but I choose to not take that risk.

Tallow is the same thing, but from it's kosher. It makes a rock-hard soap, with decent lather...add coconut, and you have lather out the wazoo. :lol: It's also relatively I might as well use it.

Gotta go grab lunch - and then I get to curl up and listen to the rain. :sigh: It's loverly!

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Hag Samech!

Sukkot begins tonight, and runs 8 nights. ordinary work tomorrow! Radio silence here until Tuesday....not that y'all'll miss me. :lol:

Note: Rendering beef fat is a smelly, messy business. Even adding the vinegar, cloves, and bay leaves, I still stank up the house. The dogs are excited - the meat and gristle will go to them tonight. :ick:

The plan was to build the tent tonight.....but it's too wet. NO WAY can we set up a tent - it'd sink. So....we'll eat on the patio. IF it dries up, we'll try to pitch the tent later in the week...not ideal, but what can you do?

See ya on the flip side (maybe! :wink:)

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