October 2nd, 2012

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Good Morning!

Yesterday was a fun, laid-back sort of day. Today it's back to the books.....this should be...fun. :lol: (2 weeks + 1 day off =/= fun for *me*.....for Herself, it means a return to the "normal" routine. A good thing. For Himself, it means *work*...not so fun.)

I spent Sunday setting up the next 6 weeks in PlanBook. We're all good to go, which is great - now it's "open and go", which I like. I printed the entire semester's worth of History.....so, yeah - open and go.

Yesterday was spent brainstorming new labels for my soap. I've been using printed cigar labels - easy, yes, but I have to cut each one to size, and hand-write the scent. Last week I picked up some 2x2 labels - those are my ingredient labels. Easy-peasy! I also picked up some oval labels for the front - once SG gets my new logo done (I want a sketch of Bree's head, with our farm name curving over it, and "Dairy Goats" curving under it.), I'll drop it on one side, and type the soap name next to it. Peel-n-stick, my kind of deal! :lol: (I'll still have to cut the band, but I can use pretty scrapbook paper for that, and the labels will hold it together. Should have less waste this way!)

I also have my next 4 or 5 batches planned......just waiting on the lye to come in. :rubs hands with glee:

IF Simchat Torah/the 8th day IS "go home day"...well, whoever gets my house will have a soaping business already set up. I've got all my current batches curing in paper sacks, all marked with the day the soap was made, and the name. They can look in my Soap Notes book to figure out which label to put on them, and they're good to go. *I* won't need it, so.......I figured I'd make it easy on them. :grin:

Gotta get laundry out on the line - it's spitting at us, but not supposed to rain, so out it goes! Then it's School Time - later!

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Today's Soap...

I am excited! I made 3 batches of soap today, and tried a new technique. Brambleberry calls it "Impressionistic".....they use 3 condiment bottles to lay down lines of colored soap. Takes a LOT longer than my usual "in the pot swirl", but the look is *awesome*...so I wanted to try it.

Only, the thought of cleaning condiment bottles of saponifying soap just doesn't excite me. So, I brainstormed - what could I use to lay down thin lines of soap, that would be easier to clean than bottles?

Dollar General had some plastic measuring cups with very, very pointy spouts. :hmmmm: Only $1/each...so I grabbed 3. Weighed out my oils, put 1 oz in 2 of the cups (for pre-mixing my colors; I've been putting the powder in the bottom of the cup, and pouring the batter over it, then mixing it up. Works, but you sometimes get "spots". Pre-mixing is supposed to prevent that.), and started the soap-making process. Added the lightly mixed batter to the cups (1 brown, 1 yellow, and 1 natural), mixed the colors in (slight miscalculation; my KA stick blender just *barely* fits in these cups. Ooops!), then started pouring.

I didn't get lines, I got straight blobs. :lol: Still, it looked cool, so I kept going - 1 pour natural, then yellow, then brown......lightly swirled the top, and this is what I have right now:

It's GORGEOUS. Hope the inside looks as nice - because the top looks like what I had in my head. It smells divine, too - Sandalwood. It was a request......they'll have to understand when I don't send the full batch. :lol: (I want to send it to other testers, as well, to see if the scent appeals to lots of people. *I* like it.....but that doesn't mean others will.)

I also made a large batch of Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soap (you can see the mold next to the Sandalwood) - it's popular. And a batch of Rosehip-Jasmine....right now, it's ugly. And smells like Tea Rose :gag: Hope it settles down...because I can't STAND Tea Rose. :blech: That one was another new swirl attempt.....we'll see. I laid down a layer of natural, then gently tried to lay the rose layer on top, without sinking any. After I had it all in, I took a spoon and...this is hard to explain; I stuck the spoon in the bottom of the mold and gently "lifted" the bottom layer to the top, then moved over and did it again. And again. We'll see....

Tomorrow I get to unmold and cut...but I might wait until Thursday, to give it time to firm up more. Lately, it's been soft when I unmold it....I want the Sandalwood to be nice and firm so I don't ruin the bars.

I need to nag SG into making the boxes for my new small molds (same size as these green ones). This is the perfect size for experiments - 8 bars worth of soap. I have 2 new molds.....I like how they feel; if they work, I'll be buying more. I'd prefer to spend 1 day making a whole lotta soap, instead of spending an hour EVERY day making soap. Since it takes 4 weeks to cure....you gotta make a lot at once. (And if we're not here, or I don't go into the soap business, my family and friends won't need to purchase any more soap for....well, YEARS. :lol:)

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