October 4th, 2012

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Woke up with a headache this AM, after a night of bizarre dreams. I don't remember the details, just that they were *bizarre*. :sigh:

Been reading a lot, lately. Still "fluff" novels - right now I'm on an Early-Church kick. I'm in book 2 of the "Acts of Faith" trilogy by Janette Oke (ICK!) and Davis Bunn....it's ok, but very, very fluffy. And not a whole lotta truth - there's some, but they lose points because they use Hebrew words incorrectly (in book 1, they called the prayer shawl a "tzaddick", which...no. That's a righteous person - a prayer shawl is a tallit/tallis. And before you jump on me for being picky, in book 2 they get it right. :bangs head: Well, sorta...)

Still. I like the series, because, while fluffy, it's not predictable. Yes, you know who the hero and heroine are, and you KNOW they'll end up together, but you don't know HOW. And at one point, you really wonder IF they'll get together, because the heroine discovers her Jewish part, and starts searching, and the hero discovers that being a God-fearer AND a Roman Legionnaire don't mix. And that they both have a decision to make. (And....that's where it falls apart, because Oke is from the "sinners prayer" camp. :gag:)

You can tell the authors made a stab at actually researching the period, which I appreciate. (The heroine is Pilate's - yes, THAT Pilate! - niece. Book 1 begins right AFTER the Crucifixion.) It's also pretty well-written, which.....is kinda hit-or-miss in the chrischun fiction market (IMO.)

A better series, IMHO, is "The Mark of Lion" trilogy by Francine Rivers. Still a bit heavy on the chrischun side, but good. Better writing, and better history....but both series are about the same thing - the early Church.

I don't know WHY I am all of a sudden on this kick.....but hey - it's light, it's quick, and it's got me digging in again. Which is good......but I'm staying up too late reading. :sigh: Which explains part of the headache. :grin:

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