October 5th, 2012

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Somethings off....

woke up with another headache. Not sure WHY, because I actually slept really well. Maybe it's the weather? Because we've got a cold front moving in, it's been overcast the past few days, and...I dunno. I'm just tired of....well, everything. Especially the headaches.

And the milk production has dropped drastically the past week. Last week, we were getting not quite a full gallon/day. This week? Barely a half gallon/day. NOTHING has changed. I've added in grains on the stand (crushed corn, rolled oats, black oil sunflower seeds) to see if I can't get the production back up.....but it's just weird.

Sukkot is slowly drawing to a close. We bombed it this year - no tent (because it was too wet to set it, and it's been WAY too windy to even attempt it. :sigh:) We've been eating dinner on the patio, but it's not the same. I've also had the table too cluttered to use, so we've been eating lunches/breakfasts in temporary spots - not ideal, but......it was all I could come up with. (Setting up a PVC sukkah in the house is NOT an option - I have dogs. Big ones. That don't realize how big they are. And small ones. Ones that like to CHEW. :sigh: Maybe next year, should we be here. But I hope we're not.) Monday is the 8th day.....and, fortunately this year, it falls on a Federal Holiday. Why fortunately? Because that means SG will be home, and IF this is it, no one will be missed until Tuesday. :grin: (And if it's not, well, Hannukah is coming up, but I'm not sold on it. Passover would be my next "hit".)

School notes: I can NOT let the kids have 2 weeks off in a row. If I do, they come back (well, SHE comes back) totally blank. We've been fighting Algebra all week...fortunately, I planned 2 weeks for her Mid-Term, and 2 weeks for Himself to watch Khan Academy videos...but I had hoped that I was over-planning. Nope. Out of the 10 problems I've had her do so far (out of 15), she's missed 8. :bangs head: So, this week is now review, and we'll do the "real" paper next week. :sigh:

Work is almost caught-up. I wanted to be completely done with the 4 companies this week; I have 2 done, 1 almost done, and 1 not started. And I'm not doing them today, because of the blasted headache - I worked on the 3rd one this AM, but.....I can't think. :sigh:

Gotta go round up the kids to start, so I want to wish you all Shabbat Shalom!

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