October 9th, 2012

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Home again, home again...

yup. Had to work today, since yesterday was (conveniently) a holiday. Got done at 10:30, but didn't get to leave until 11:50, because FA didn't get there until almost 11:15. Ah well....

Re: handguns. I have a .40. Like it, but it's too heavy for my wrist. (Silly as that sounds.) I am looking at Glock, because of the weight issue - they are (supposedly) the lightest handguns on the market. And.....I can hold one for quite some time. Unloaded, of course.....we're going to go to the Range and rent a couple, to see how I do. Cyn's brother is a former bailiff with the DA's office, and told me a few things, and told me where to find cheaper ones.

Re: crossbows. Nope, haven't tried one - I'm thinking I'll have a problem cocking it. :sigh: I agree on the noise factor...which is why we've been joking about suppressors (aka: Silencers). The problem with those is that we'd need more than 1...and they ain't cheap. Oi.

Re: soap. Got my Brambleberry order yesterday. :huzzah!: 1 new mold (5 pounds! That's a LOT of soap!!!) and 3 silicone liners (um. The jury is out on those. They are very thin. I'll have to test them before I can recommend them, and I'm kinda afraid I'm going to tear them. I may end up with only 1 5 pound mold, and keep the other liners in reserve. Of course...at $15 each, I can afford to stock up.....:ponders: Soap-making is on the agenda for later in the week - I need more Olive Oil (again! :lol:) first.

Re: goats. Milk production is *up*! I added alfalfa back in (we had been out, and SG didn't realize how important alfalfa is (yes, I TOLD him, but....nevermind. :wink:)) and it seems to be the "magic" bullet. :happy dance:

Re: Weather. Oi. What happened to FALL??? We went from 80* over the weekend to 40* yesterday. COLD. I don't do well in the cold, so I lit up the woodstove yesterday morning. It was nice......but I want FALL, dangit!!! :lol:

Not much else to report.......gotta go start laundry. I'm behind, thanks to the Holiday.

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