October 16th, 2012

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Today is blah....

Overcast, humid and...well, dark. Good day to curl up with a book, or snooze. Too bad I can't do either. :sigh:

HOMESCHOOL deal of the day: IF you like DVD courses, and IF you're willing to buy them, go to The Great Courses. For today only (this time :wink:) they have a TON of their courses on sale for $60 or LESS. If you need a code thingy, my email said "72328".....I gotta tell you, they run sales all the time, but this time they put "How to Look at and Understand Great Art" in for $59.95. I've been getting their sales for...2 years or so, now, and I've NEVER seen that one under $99. Even on eBay. :happy dance: (SG got paid yesterday, and he transferred $$ over so I could order this. It's the "last" course I want. :happy dance:) If you prefer instant gratification, the streaming version is also $59.95 - you save $10 in shipping (I went with the DVDs, so that we can play them anywhere. Yeah, I have to wait, and yeah, I spent $10 more...but that's OK. I prefer hard copies to Cloud storage. I'm just weird like that.)(I like their stuff. We have....quite a few, most bought on eBay, and so far they've all been hits. Meteorology is a bit dry, but still watchable; the High School History set is FANTASTIC. I do recommend them; just try to not pay too much for them.)

Spent most of the night coming up with soap ideas. I think I need to step back a bit...:lol: I only have so much room....but we'll see. I still have a half-gallon of homebrew to use....:rubs hands:

PERSONAL: On another blog I frequent, we were talking about how some of our spouses don't take the Spiritual stuff as seriously as they should. Nagging was suggested......and, OK, I do nag. But it doesn't work here. What *does* work (for us, your mileage may vary!) is for me to nag for a couple of weeks, then dropping it. About 1x/month, or so, I casually mention it again......then I just start in. I guarantee that my husband will, at that point, decide to do it on his own, and then he'll start nagging ME to do it as a family. (Case in point: TorahClass: Genesis. I didn't plan it this way, but last week was our start point (because I was tired of him putting it off.) Monday was a Holiday, so, as usual in these circumstances, I scheduled school for Sunday. Which was the Introduction. SG did his "normal" thing...he sat in the living room while we schooled at the kitchen table....only, as I started reading, I noticed him moving closer. Ended up, he was "cleaning" the (already spotless) cooktop while the kids and I had a lively discussion about what I was reading. :evil grin: And then Friday, during our Torah reading, the kids kept bringing up stuff they'd learned during the week (Gen. 1; the Torah portion was Gen. 1-6. Ah, well....I want to go slow enough that stuff is retained.)....and lo and behold, yesterday he took the extra Textbook (I printed off 2) to work with him to study. :lol: Give it a few weeks, and he'll be asking ME to schedule it as a daily family thing.

Slow? Yes. But....with him, this is how I have to do it. Nagging will turn him OFF it, and it'll NEVER get done. (See: soap molds. He's finally - FINALLY - started planning to build his router table, which is apparently step 1 in making MY soap molds, because we all know they MUST be routered, right? :whatever: It's only been.....6 months. Or so. But the pressure was on, because I had 5 liners that needed molds. :heh:)

I know that's not the ideal situation, but I work with what I have. It took....8 months before he started doing the Shabbat blessings Friday evenings. Baby steps.......at least he IS trying.

Gotta skitter - have work to do. And Science to check.

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A Question:

I have been thinking about the best way to get rid of market all these soaps that are currently taking up space in the Studio. In y'all's very important opinions, which should I do:

1. Use my Etsy shop

2. Set up a FREE website using weebly

On both, I'll have Paypal fees, but you really can't get away from them if you want to accept online payments (even if you use someone else, you'll pay fees, and Paypal is the most common). Etsy charges a listing fee and a percentage of sales. (So does eBay, which is why I'm not considering them.) Weebly offers both Free and Paid sites - and the free ones have shopping carts, blogs, photo hosting....it looks good, and a lot of soapers have gone this route. Etsy is more well-known, and people will "find" me if they just search for "soap". But - Etsy is limited to handmade things or supplies....so if we wanted to list..goats, for example, we couldn't do that (I use CraigsList for them; it was just an example. :grin:)

Yes, I have a website already, but....I can't figure out how to add a shopping cart to it. :sad: I've tried...and given up.

Opinions, please. I will admit that I am leaning towards weebly, simply because I don't like paying fees....but. I am open to opinions/other suggestions.


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