October 18th, 2012

Calvin: Faces

Thursday Thankful...

1. My children have started helping with things outside their own interests, and they're doing it *willingly*. Case in point: Tuesday AM, as we went out to the barn, we heard a goat in distress. Normally, we ignore it - Nubians are VERY talky, and they get distressed over the silliest things (she's too close to me! She took my favorite sun-spot! I haven't been petted by a human in 5 minutes!) This wasn't a normal cry....it was really distress. Got into the barn to find Chell (my poor, brain-damaged orphan) with her head stuck (AGAIN!) in the panel under the feeder. :sigh:

The other kids have figured out that this isn't smart...but not her. And this time - THIS time, she'd done it but good. She somehow managed to squeeze her head into the square that overlaps the feeder leg....and we couldn't get it out. :sigh: So. Milking was postponed - we didn't want a dead goat on our hands, and Chell would have gotten trampled in the mad dash for the milk room - while we tried to figure out how to a) get her loose and b) prevent this from happening again.

Herself ran and got the bolt cutters, while Himself looked for boards. I got her free, then the kids ferried boards and screws to me to completely cover the panel. And all of this was done with NO complaints, and lots of working together (they had to break apart some pallets to get the right wood-lengths needed. Hard work, and takes 2 people.) It's a major break-through for my 2!

2. Handmade Artwork! Yesterday I received a LOVELY handmade card from Lydia - it's beautiful! And it's going on the Studio refrigerator, with all of Herself's artwork, so we can enjoy it. (Thank you!)

3. Friends' advice. I spent about 2.5 hours yesterday playing with weebly, and I have a very basic site! 1 thing, though - weebly IS free, but you get a mysite.weebly.com address. If you want a personal address (mysite.com), you have to - of course! - purchase a domain name. Weebly offers this service....for $40/year. :gulp!: You can get a domain name for anywhere from $0.99 +....I went with godaddy.com, for $11.30/2 years. (Yeah, godaddy has it's haters, but it's who I have my personal site thru, and they've always been good to me. I don't remember who *hosts* my personal site - but godaddy recommended them, and they're not too expensive.) But anyway - weebly is free except for that. Soon as we get better photos, I'll go "live" with it, and post the link.

4. My husband. I sent him the link to the basic site, and he had some good input. He also agreed to take "real" photos for me this weekend - he's a much better photographer than I am, so this is fantastic! He also agreed with the site vs. etsy - because he's thinking that he might want to make stuff to sell later in his woodshop (basic spinning/weaving tools, soap molds - that sort of thing. We'll see. :wink:)

5. The weather. It's been GORGEOUS this past week - not too cold, not too hot. Granted, 51* this morning is a little on the cold side *for me*, but it's not unlivable.

Also - A, I answered you in the comments.......I kinda think we have a mis-communication. "Nagging", here, simply means that I ask about x, then drop it. I do this daily for about 1 week, then it drops to 1 or 2x/week for...maybe a month? Then it's dropped and I do my thing. It's not a constant, droning, on-going thing. And.....I'm sorry, but I missed the "don't nag" sentence :hangs head:. Sorry!

It's a beautiful day, the kids are watching an episode of "Enterprise" before school, and life is good. GOD is good!

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