October 21st, 2012

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Rainy days and Mon Sundays...

well, it's not raining, but it's overcast and LOOKS like rain. And I'm not down....but still. :lol:

Did some running around yesterday......priced some lab coats (needed for Science, but also - more importantly - for soaping), figured out what handgun I need (yes, NEED - found the lightest one so far.....but can't find a *good* price. :oy:), and cleaned the studio. We have a mouse problem - AGAIN - thanks to Mike NOT doing what he was supposed to when constructing the outside wall. :grrrrr: 2 holes in the corners....they will soon be filled with expanding foam. Hope it works!

We also moved the bucklings into the kid area, and put Goliad in that area with Dulce and Sasha. All 3 got Bo-Se'd, and the girls got their feet done. (I know better than to do 8 feet in one go, but it needed to be done. I'm paying for it today...:sigh:) Goliad's feet need doing, too....but he STINKS and I refuse to get that close to a reeking, in-rut buck just to trim feet. :shudder:

Today was clean the yard day. And school, since I have to go in to the office this week (not Monday, though...we're trying different days to see what helps FA's girl get stuff RIGHT. :sigh:) We've added Wheelock's Latin (Oh.My.GOSH - it's intense! This week is the Intro.....and...well, he uses a LOT of big words and long sentences. Over-long sentences....but he's got a lot of info he wants to cover. We're in for a rough ride, I think...), and I've rescheduled RS Hebrew to be a daily thing (we were doing it 1x/week, which simply isn't enough. To keep me on board, I set myself up as a student in my gradebook (Hebrew only :lol:)....and I'm tracking MY grades alongside the kids'. We'll see who comes out on top (I might add SG, too, IF he decides to actually *do* it and *stick* with it.)

I want to soap, but SG wants to make beer, so...he wins. :grin: I have a gallon of whey in the fridge, and a half-gallon of wort...need to use it up so I can have the new wort. I think he said he wanted to brew a Heather Ale this time......we'll see.

Oh! Talked to Cyn (my tax guru)...and I might be able to call my soaping "biz" a hobby, since I am NOT planning on making a profit. I just want to break even with the goat expenses......which puts this in a whole new area of taxes. She gave me a reading assignment - I need to check the IRS regs and the TX regs, to see what I need to do to prove "hobby" vs. business. I want to do this right.....but, again, I'm NOT trying to support my family with my soap. Just the goats. :snicker: (And I'm sorry I keep going on and on about it, but a) it's on my mind and b) I need to keep the info handy. I *promise* I won't constantly push my soap on you, dear readers, because that wouldn't be right. I'll post a link to the website once it's live in my sidebar, and note it then, but I'll try to not spam y'all with ads. I will still post pictures sometimes (because hey - sometimes I make pretty soap!), but I won't be upset if no one from here buys soap. (But I'll be happy if you do! :wink:) This won't become a "buy my crap" journal - I promise!)

I need to go gather up soaps for a photo-shoot. SG has some cool ideas....he likes artsy-fartsy photos, so this should get interesting (i want just pictures. Like...right now, I have a temporary header photo on the soap page. It's a few bars of soap on the table. He HATES it - he pointed to the jumbled box of "ugly" soaps in the bathroom.....he wants a photo like that for the header. Um.....he's the photographer, so I'm going along with it....but......:cringe: At least he agreed to use "good" soap for it, and not these ugly ones (and I'll be shipping out some ugly ones soon. I'm waiting for my test batches to be fully cured first, so I can get some feedback on the "new" recipe.)

Gotta skitter - have a great day!

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