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October 24th, 2012


Busy day... 02:36 pm
today was Town Day, to quote Anna. We ran to JoAnn's and Michael's for Herself, then picked up my Dad and took him to lunch. Then off to Wally-world for our once-a-month grocery run. The only thing I didn't do was hit the meat market - I'll do that later; probably next week.

It's hot and sticky here - wish it would rain already.

I've decided what I'm going to do for soap packaging - instead of cigar bands (which I've been doing; they're approximately $0.40/each, for paper and ink), I ordered some white soap boxes ($0.05/each....all I have to do is slap labels on them (which I had to do for the cigar bands, too) and voila! Soap neatly packaged and ready to go!

Gotta go put up the dry goods - more later!

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