October 28th, 2012

me: portrait

LONG weekend...

spent most of yesterday morning trying to rustle up hay. Oh, there's hay to be found - the trick is finding AFFORDABLE hay. $85 for a crap round bale? Not happening. We ended up paying $50 for a really nice bale of coastal - the guy called it "cow" hay, but there are NO weeds in it that I can see. Really nice stuff!

The kids and SG played Skyrim....they finally all have their own profiles, so they can play without disturbing the other players' progress. Himself is *pouring* over the player's guide we have, to make sure his character has the BEST stuff to do..whatever. :lol: Herself is just having fun dungeon-crawling....they both have a LONG way to go to catch up to SG, but that's OK - it's fun. And it's got Himself reading....

Today was soap photo-shoot, v. 2.0. :rolls eyes: I *hope* this set meets with his approval - he used HIS camera this time, instead of mine (he has a Nikon D300; I have a Nikon 8800. Nice camera, but not to his standards), and he use a tripod. I kept thinking "It's just SOAP", but....whatever. Made him happy.

I also spent a few hours setting up new business cards. i still have my 'personal' ones, but we decided we need "real" cards for the soap. Bree's face is plastered on them....so it matches the website header. Aren't we twee? :lol: My personal cards were done in WordPerfect, which you can't get for Mac, so I had to start from scratch. Avery templates don't work that well in MS Word for Mac, so I had to use the online thingy. Ah, well...all that's left to do is to set up the labels for the front of the soap boxes - I've got them started, just need to do a little more work.

It's been pretty quiet here otherwise.

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