November 1st, 2012

Calvin: Faces

Thankful Thursday....

Today I am thankful for:

1. My daughter. She has turned out to be a VERY good Vet Assistant. Today I wanted to worm (with Cydectin) all the does (except for Dulce and Sasha, who are in the breeding pen). I hauled the bottle and a syringe out to the barn this AM, to at least get the milkers done - Herself said "Hey, let's go ahead and get this done!" and started grabbing goats. Even the skittish Cashmeres! We got ALL the does done in *record* time - the only hold up was me trying to push the plunger.

2. Homeschooling. Not for the usual reasons - but because I CAN slow down if we need to. I had tentatively scheduled Latin for 1 chapter a week - do-able, I thought. NOPE. Not even - this book throws a LOT of stuff at you, with a LOT of stuff that needs memorizing. So, we'll do 1 chapter every 2 weeks. I'm not on a time-table here - when we get done, we get done.

2a. Technology. I found a You Tube channel of Wheelock's Vocabulary - the guy puts up a flash card, then you hear the proper pronunciation. I'm not too concerned with our pronunciation - you don't *speak* Latin, after all - but it helps.

2a1. I found quite a few online helps, as well. I'm trying to NOT become dependent on them, because the 'Net can go down/dark, but for now they're a big help. Quizlet has a bunch of flashcards (I downloaded them, and am printing them out as I have labels. Easier than printing on paper and cutting them out.); there's also a bunch of sites that have quizzes. I'm using those, too, to help cement the vocabulary.

3. My husband. Yes, he's sometimes a goof, and sometimes drives me up a wall, but he means well, and he's ALWAYS looking out for us. I wanted to go to the gun store this weekend to ask more questions; he found a "local" gun show and offered to take us there. Sweet!

In other news, I cut my hair yesterday. It hadn't been trimmed least 5 years, and needed it. 1.5" later, it's now right at the top of my bra-strap. MUCH shorter than I wanted, but.....the ends are now even and blunt and don't tangle. The goal is still I've upped the vitamins. :sigh: I'll get back to waist one day! (After Himself was born, my hair was almost to my hips......I stupidly cut it after DH1 died....biggest mistake! Ah, well - it's only hair, and it'll grow. Slowly, but it'll grow.)

Oh - I found another Hebrew language site! < href="">Mango</a> Language. MOST libraries have a subscription (mine, unfortunately, doesn't), which means you can access it for FREE. (Otherwise, it's $80 for the 1st level; not sure about the rest). It seems like a good program - and there's more than just Hebrew there.

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